Ben Thanh market

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is located at the center of HCMC, it’s 4 big gate at 4 streets such as: Phan Boi Chau, Phan Chu Trinh, Le Thanh Tong and one is front of Quach Thi Trang square. This is one of place must see when you visit and also top 15 of 45 place to visit of the world.


With 13.056 m2, have average 10.000 visitors per day for shopping and see. Ben Thanh has 1.437 shops, 6.000 small shop and 11 companies with 4 big gates and 12 small gates around.

Ben Thanh market

South gate ( front of Quach Thi Trang square ) with the Ben Thanh’s symbol is the Big clock is also the main gate. The North gate at Le Thanh Tong street where is flower shops and fruits. The East gate at Phan Boi chau street where is fashion area, there are full of clothes, shoes, gifts, bags…

When visit Ben Thanh, you could taste many of traditional food all around of Vietnam. On Jan – 2012, The Cuisine press Food And Wine has voted Ben Thanh becomes one of ten best street food of the world coz of it’s own.

The history

Before the first Vietnam war with France in 1859, It’s only a small local market near the Ben Nghe river  and Saigon citadel ( Thanh mean citadel ), so why it’s name is Ben Thanh. At the first time, Ben Thanh was build by simple bricks, wood and dried leave on roof and fired once in 1870. In 1911, they rebuilt the new one with bigger and more beautiful and finish on Mar 1914.

Ben thanh for traveler

After the end of Vietnam war 1975, Ben Thanh market is upraded and in 1985, it’s repaired inside only keep the clock – the symbol of Ben Thanh

The are only 2 kind of visitors to Ben Thanh market: one the the new visitor who are tourists and travelers and returning visitors from nearby cites and Saigon people.

Now aday, Ben Thanh is not only the biggest mega shopping of HCMC but is also of the South of Vietnam. For any travelers in Vietnam and foreigners visit HCMC, you can not miss Ben Thanh market. There is not for you to buy something, in Vietnam – market is the popular where local life of people appear.

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